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Rebel Bride by Ava Sinclair

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Demon King's Desire by JL Sheppard

DEMON KING'S DESIRE Elemental Sisters Series#1
by J.L. Sheppard

Missing and Presumed Dead by Cherime MacFarlane

by Cherime MacFarlane

Untamed Hearts by Colleen O'Connell

Title: Untamed Hearts Author: Colleen O'Connell Genre: Historical Romance Publisher: The Wild Rose Press Publication Date:June 4, 2018
Two destinations lead to one destiny

Fleeing her wavering feelings for her fiancé, Taryn Ashford boards a westbound train to visit relatives. Her journey awakens unbridled passion with the dangerously handsome, Jared King. When Jared is accused of murder, she is faced with providing him an alibi at the risk of her own reputation. Did he use her to save himself or can she trust her heart – and him - to discover the truth? A truth they must work together to reveal.
Gunman, shooter, the brand is Jared King’s life. His skill with a gun creates an existence forever searching – searching every face for the bounty hunter in constant pursuit, for the settled life he is certain he will never find and for one woman’s love. Taryn Ashford, jeopardizes his need to remain emotionally detached. She represents the happiness denied him, but if he pursues …

Until You Say I Do by DM Davis

Title: Until You Say I Do Series: Until You #3 Author: D.M. Davis Genre: Contemporary/New Adult Romance Release Date: May 18, 2018

The Until You Series continues with Until You Say I Do.
"The first time I saw her, I knew she would be mine. Clichéd?  Yes, but that doesn’t make it any less true." Joseph
Trust is hard earned, and easily broken even for those who believe they have triumphed and now lie on the winning side of love.
Having won Samantha’s heart and trust, Joseph is determined to conquer his next challenge of making her his wife and priming her for a career at MCI. But, an old nemesis threatens the woman he loves, shaking her to her foundation and jeopardizing their very happiness.
Can Samantha see beyond the evidence and believein the man she loves?
Will Joseph be able to provehis innocence before it's too late to say "I Do"?
Until You Say I Do is Book Three in Joseph and Samantha’s story, which began with Until You Set Me Free.
Intended for mature audiences…

The Sinister Silhouette by Alex Grayson


Cover designer: Cover Me Darling Image: JW Photography Model: Amanda Renee

She whispers my name at night, filling my dreams with her haunting beauty. Her tormented amber eyes beg me for something I don’t understand, and her agonizing pain becomes my own.
For years, she’s come to me, calling my name.
For years, I’ve never known who she was.
Until now….

Releases May 25th

Beautiful by Sylvia Hubbard

Title: Beautiful Author: Sylvia Hubbard Genre: Contemporary Romance Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR Blurb: There was absolutely nothing Madison wanted more than to be savored, enjoyed, and loved for every inch of her true self—inside and outside. Hungry with an insatiable desire for passion and the ability to give herself fully to another, she discovers a handsome stranger, who can fulfill her every wish and she is willing to do anything possible to gain his adoration, but there’s a catch. As the two grow closer together she discovers hidden jewels and hellish facets to herself and life that she never experienced before. Highly intelligent though lacking confidence, Madison’s pain is deeply experienced and brought to the surface as this stranger discovers the entirety of her—insecurities and all. Yet just as her dreams are finally beginning to come true, someone steals her life’s research? Was it her best friend? Her father? The assistant? Or the stranger she thought she could trust? Will she s…