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Reckless by Lex Martin

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Craze by Andi Jaxon

CRAZE by Andi Jaxon
Blurb: I’m a simple girl. I'm sarcastic and sassy, but what redhead isn't? I have a secret though, a secret that not even my closest friend knows. I have a stalker. A stalker that takes care of me, makes me feel safe and drenches my panties. Once he touches me, I struggle to accept how much I enjoy his type of pain. The only thing I know for sure is that I have to discover who he is. Can I handle his identity when he reveals himself to me? *** Contains intense sexual scenes. Intended for readers 18 years or older. ***


Author Bio: Raised all over the country, I'm an interesting mix of East Coast meets West Coast with a little bit of Southern thrown in, just for good measure. I married a sexy man in uniform who let me spawn and am now raising a mutinous army of hell raisers that I created myself, al…

Candy Coated Chaos by Charity B.

Candy Coated Chaos By Charity B. Genre: Dark Romance Dual POV ***THIS IS A DARK ROMANCE NOVEL*** Blurb: ALEXANDER Being with Tavin is like eating those candies that start out sweet and then turn so sour, your eyes water. When she’s happy, her radiance is stunning, but her glow is dimmed by her dark secrets. I knew from the moment I laid eyes on her, sucking on that lollipop, that there was something unique about her. I was right in more ways than one, and while I don’t know the extent of suffering that her life entails, I’ll do whatever I need to, to convince her she can trust me. I just need to hang on to her long enough to do that. TAVIN When he wraps his arms around me, and his warmth makes me feel safe, it’s easy to pretend that this is real. I knew going out with him was a bad idea, I just never imagined it would go this far. It was only supposed to be one night. One night to feel like a normal girl. I didn’t plan for this and now, every day that passes puts us deeper in danger. All …

Stripping a Steele by Elizabeth Knox

Stripping a Steele by Elizabeth Knox
Publication Date: February 11, 2018
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense
Purchase: Amazon Christian There were only three things I cared about: women, money and booze. That is, until saw Selena Jacobson, a goddess in the flesh if I've ever seen one. I wanted her from the very first second that I laid my eyes on her. Something carnal inside me flipped a switch, and I knew she would be mine. When life threw us both a big curveball, I made her mine, in every way possible. Every dark desire inside me came to life, and I'll be damned if anyone takes her away from me. Selena Christian Steele was nothing but an arrogant prick; one that I tried to stay away from. Tried and failed. Dammit to hell, I liked a lot of things about Christian that I would never admit. When we lost my parents, one to death and another to abandonment, I became the bread-winner, and, for a time, I just want to feel irresponsible. Christian makes me feel in ways I neve…

Unraveled by KM Neuhold

COVER DESIGN: K.M. Neuhold COVER PHOTO: StockPhoto BUY LINK: BLURB Clay: My mind and body are full of chaos; the only time I can truly feel free is when my hands, arms, and legs are secured. Just because I want to be bound, able to give over my pleasure entirely to another person, doesn’t mean I want to be controlled, humiliated, or made to endure pain. I’m a successful, happy, confident adult man who wants a lover to tie him up. Why is that so scandalous? And why is it so difficult to find? It doesn’t help that I’ve developed a hopeless crush on my straight roommate. Maybe a fulfilling relationship isn’t in the cards for me. Max: I’m completely out of control of my life. My ex is trying to take my daughter away from me... again, my dream of owning my own motorcycle repair shop seems out of reach, and somehow, I find myself a thirty-two-year-old man who can’t afford to have a place without…

Falling for Jordan by Liz Durano

FALLING FOR JORDAN A Different Kind of Love, Book 2
by Liz Durano

Her Mountain Baby Daddies by Madison Faye

Cover RevealTitle: Her Mountain Baby Daddies Series: Blackthorn Mountain Men Book 3 (read as stand alones) Author: Madison Faye Cover:Coverlüv Photography:Sara Eirew Release Date: February 26, 2018 Add to Goodreads
Two rough twin mountain men. One princess on the run. Shethinks she can’t have babies. But baby are we gonna prove her wrong. When our enemies conspired to murder our father, take our company, and set us up for the crimes, running to the woods of Blackthorn Mountain was the only option we had.   We thought we’d left everything good and beautiful in the world behind. That is, until she tumbles into our arms.   Gorgeous, whip-smart, and a mouth as fiery as that red hair. Catching her skinny-dipping in our lake lights the spark.   …Laying our hands on her sets the whole thing on fire.   Life in the woods has turned us into the hardened rough mountain men we are today. She should stay away – from us, and from the dark past that looms over our shoulders. But one taste of her sweet lips…